CJ Bio America

LocationFort Dodge, Iowa
Value$320 Million
ClientCJ Bio America

McClure provided surveying services to assist in the ground-up construction of the lysine production facility on a 65 acre site with an 18 month project schedule. The range of survey services included legal surveys; photogrammetric control; establishing and maintaining a high accuracy project control network; producing topography base drawings for design; construction layout of paving, buildings and utilities; layout and as built reports for auger cast piles; and crane rail reports.

McClure Results

  • Paving: 410,912 sq. ft.
  • Curb: 12,815 lf
  • Sanitary Sewer: 7,090 lf
  • Storm Sewer: 12,825 lf
  • Water Service: 4,230 lf
  • Gas Service: 4,173
  • Plant Process Piping: 7,301 lf