Fort Dodge Wastewater Treatment Plant

LocationFort Dodge, Iowa
Value$18 Million
ClientCity of Fort Dodge
CategoryWater Environment

The City of Fort Dodge needed to provide crucial infrastructure to a new North Central Ag-Park. A Facility Plan was completed determining the improvements necessary to convey and provide treatment of wastewater generated at the Ag-Park. The plan accounted for future wastewater loads generated by the City. An Antidegradation Alternative Analysis was completed to ID and evaluate different potential treatment improvements capable of meeting the proposed effluent limits.

McClure Results

  • Vertical Loop Reactor (VLR)
  • Conversion of existing VLR to MLE Process as required to meet the City’s NPDES permit effluent limits for Nitrate
  • One 100-ft. diameter Final Clarifier with Sludge Pump Building