Community Development

McClure has worked with communities to create a vision for growth through Master Planning. The mission is to create a guide for growth to create jobs, grow the tax base, and increase the quality of life for the region.

A successful Master Plan process includes multiple stakeholders.

Most communities do not have a long range vision or plan for how to grow. Due to this lack of planning, communities are reactive to needs, and are not aligned with a common direction or vision. Therefore, a lot of projects do not come to fruition, and growth opportunities are missed.

Five to eight planning committee workshops with representatives from each stakeholder are typically held to seek input and share ideas. Stakeholders may include key land owners impacted by the planning process. We first look at the existing community or regional assets to build on and leverage them.

Typically 20-50 projects are identified by the stakeholders with cost estimates. A “Top 10 List” of the highest priority projects is developed that will have an immediate return on the investments made in the community. To implement these programs, the financial capability of the city, community, or region is reviewed. Priority 1 projects are listed in a 0-5 year time-frame, broken into specific years and dollar amounts. Projects are aligned with available funding sources.

We do not promote the idea of “build it and they will come.” Our belief is if you “plan it”, you will be ready for growth when opportunities come. This builds strong communities.