In September 2011, the City of Davenport selected McClure to provide Airport Engineering Services for the Davenport Municipal Airport on an on-call basis for a period of five years. McClure was first tasked with reviewing the Airport’s existing capital improvement program. After a review of the existing program, McClure identified some red flags and recommended the Airport revise their approach to better address their capital improvement needs.


McClure presented a revised capital improvement program which illustrated that if federal and state dollars were better leveraged, $24M of capital improvements could be implemented for the same local share as the existing program, which programmed only $16M of improvements for the same local match. McClure’s revised approach included reconstructing both runways and upgrading the associated electrical systems; providing the Airport with two brand new runway facilities for the same local match. In comparison, the existing capital program only provided performing panel replacements on both runways, potentially leaving the Airport with 1947 era pavement with numerous patches.

Both the City and the Airport Commission concurred with the recommendations and McClure conducted a teleconference to present the revised approach to the FAA. In summary, the FAA agreed a more comprehensive plan was needed. As a result of McClure’s outside the box thinking, the Airport received a grant in 2012 to rehabilitate Runway 3/21 with the primary Runway 15/33 scheduled for rehabilitation in 2016.

Location: Davenport, IA
Client: City of Davenport
Scope: On-Call Services
Expertise: Aviation