On January 9, 2013, the City of Mount Pleasant tasked McClure to provide engineering, bidding, and construction services for the acquisition of snow removal equipment (SRE) and the construction of a SRE storage building at the Mount Pleasant Municipal Airport. The Mount Pleasant Municipal Airport historically relied heavily on City plows for snow removal operations. As a result, the airfield pavement was often the last cleared as the City streets were considered a higher priority.


Using the FAA’s Snow Removal Equipment sizing spreadsheet, McClure Engineering Company justified the need and requirements for snow plow blade length and rotary plow capacity. The equipment specifications were carefully written in order to provide open competition among manufacturers and meet the stringent requirements of FAA AC 150/5220-20, Airport Snow & Ice Control Equipment.

The snow removal equipment involved the acquisition of an International 4400 series carrier vehicle. Additional equipment included in the bid package consisted of a 12-foot power reversible displacement plow, a dump box, and a rotary snow blower attachment.

In order to protect the City’s newly acquired snow removal equipment investment, a 40’ x 40’ pre-engineered steel building was constructed with 18’ side walls and two overhead bay doors to store the snow removal equipment and other airport items.

Location: Mount Pleasant, IA
Client: City of Mount Pleasant
Scope: Engineering, Bidding, Construction Services
Expertise: Aviation