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McClure understands that land development is crucial to building strong communities. We take pride ourselves in our abilities to see a development project through our client’s eyes. Maintaining constant communication, our team can help you create an economically viable development with positive environmental impacts.

McClure’s LEED-accredited professional engineers are experienced in integrating sustainable plans within our site design to create an environmentally friendly facility while reducing the burden of maintenance. We also have several Envision™ Sustainability Certified Professionals to evaluate the community, environmental, and economic benefits of an infrastructure project.

Our services include land surveying, planning, market assessment and research, financial planning, entitlement process, preliminary and final site development plans, preliminary and final platting, infrastructure design, construction management, stormwater management, and land sale coordination.

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Sustainable design initiatives emphasize environmental sensitivity as they are integrated into contemporary developments. McClure’s role in green design is to maintain focus on a site’s overall environmental quality by carrying responsible design concepts into site plans and interior facilities.

Our design tasks are typically centered around improving stormwater runoff, preserving natural habitats, and maintaining favorable building atmosphere conditions. As site specialists, our contributions include parking area designs using plantings or pavers to reduce heat islands, reducing site disturbances by keeping the project footprint as small as possible, using stormwater management programs, and incorporating recycled building materials.

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Many communities lack a long-range plan for growth. Because they are reactive to needs and not aligned with a common direction or vision, growth opportunities are missed. Through Master Planning, McClure works with communities to create a vision. Our mission is to create a guide to create jobs, increase the tax base, and enhance the quality of life for the region. Our belief is if you plan it, your community will be ready for growth when opportunities come available.

A successful Master Plan process includes multiple stakeholders. With these stakeholders, we first look at the existing community or regional assets to build on and leverage them. Then we help identify the highest priority projects that will have an immediate return on investment. Projects are aligned with available funding sources.