As-built drawing


Accurate as-built surveys are critical to the maintenance of sites and future developments. When McClure performs an as-built survey, we confirm engineering plan specifications and account for any variations from the original plans. Our as-built surveys document sites and structures at various stages throughout a project, during and after construction, verifying that improvements meet the design or regulatory criteria.

SKW remote survey boat, the PROWLER on water


McClure has more than 50 years of experience in hydrographic surveying. While our surveyors originally using a weighted tape to manually measure water depths at pre-determined intervals, McClure has been utilizing a fathometer since 1995 to collect topographic data of underwater surfaces. More recently, we added capabilities to provide more thorough and accurate bathometric data with the addition of a Hydrolite sounder, Hypack software, and the use of side-scan sonar.

As-built drawing


McClure’s team of professional land surveyors and transportation engineers bring a depth of expertise and experience to surveying for new and existing roads, highways, bridges, and railroads. We assess feasibility, constructability, right-of-way acquisition, and safety when performing transportation surveys. Our experience ranges from rural roads for counties, to multi-lane highways for DOTs.

In some instances, new real property, or right-of-way, must be acquired to construct or complete a project. When acquiring private property for project right-of-way, federal regulations must be followed to ensure owners are justly compensated. McClure’s survey crews are experienced with these regulations and best practices for right-of-way survey and acquisition.

SKW remote survey boat, the PROWLER on water


Members of the McClure’s surveying team are among the most knowledgeable and experienced in the field. We collect, record, and manage geographic information, so our clients can turn their ideas into reality. McClure has multiple registered Land Surveyors who travel nationwide to serve our clients.

Each two- to four-person crew is equipped with the most current technology and field equipment (from levels and rods, to drones, and remote-control hydrographic survey boats) necessary to meet the needs of the project. McClure also employs the latest GPS technology, which allows crews to quickly and accurately locate utilities and features in the field. The physical features and utilities can be easily incorporated into a GIS within minutes.