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McClure designs and implements GIS data that identifies needs and applications, analyzes workflows, and leverages future cost-benefit opportunities. McClure’s GIS solutions provide powerful tools that help municipalities with planning, management, and data analysis. With a wide scope of applications—from site selection and equipment location, to stormwater management, and crime indications—GIS can incorporate a variety of data types into an integrated application. This allows local government and private companies to more fully leverage data and resources.

SKW remote survey boat, the PROWLER on water


McClure’s professional staff has more than a decade of experience with terrestrial LiDAR scanning. Whether your company is preparing for equipment retrofits, system re-engineering, or facility restoration and maintenance, the precise 3D models and TruViews derived from terrestrial LiDAR scanning provide comprehensive data on structure size, specifications, and integrity.

Many facilities lack accurate as-built plans and site documentation, which hinders the ability to accurately assess, modify, or update a facility. With the ability to collect up to a million points of data per second, terrestrial LiDAR scanning reduces the time needed to collect information and produce actionable documents.

As-built drawing


McClure is an industry leader in remote-sensing technology. Along with our unmanned aerial systems (UAS) services, McClure can provide quicker, more cost effective, and safer data collection on sites. Our end-to-end reality capture services ensure that you can effectively communicate 3-D site and building maps to all project stakeholders.

SKW remote survey boat, the PROWLER on water


Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) allow for difficult to reach infrastructure and delicate natural environments like wetlands to be inspecting. McClure has adopted the latest in automated remote-sensing technology to bring actionable data faster and in more detail than before.

With our UAS, we can provided pre-construction surveying and documentation, construction progress updated base maps, utility inspections, bridge monitoring and inspections, promotional pictures and video for marketing, topographical surveying, and erosion monitoring and material stockpile volumetrics. Our technology delivers aerial pictures and videos, photography and videography edited projects, orthorectified base map of project site, 3-D point clouds and models, browser-based 3D point clouds and models for public access, virtual reality-enabled models, point cloud-based heat maps of elevations and elevation changes over time, and topographical CAD model of contour lines (DWG, DGN, SHP).