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Water is the world’s most precious resource, and its quality is critical to growing strong communities. Consumers and industries have come to expect access to unlimited quantities of potable water for a low price. McClure understands the pressure this expectation places on water utility operations. By applying state-of-the-art treatment technologies, we design infrastructure to keep our water clean and safe.

McClure’s team will work with your staff to develop the most effective and efficient water environment solutions. We guide community officials and professional staff through the evolving regulations, and we help them through the process of setting rates and determining the best course of action to meet their communities’ needs.

Our services include:

  • Drinking Water Supply, Treatment, Storage & Conveyance Technologies
  • Public and Industrial Water Treatment Technologies
  • Infiltration/Inflow (I/I) Flow Meter Modeling & Rehabilitation Programming
  • Gravity and Pressure Sanitary Sewer System Evaluation Studies
  • Stormwater Management
  • County Drainage
  • Funding Alternatives
  • Utility Cost of Service and Rate Studies
SKW remote survey boat, the PROWLER on water


A spring shower or a sudden deluge of rain can put a community’s stormwater infrastructure to the test. As populations grow and place an increased demand on infrastructure, McClure creates stormwater solutions that stand the test of time. By implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) and comprehensive planning for system repairs and rehabilitation, our engineers ensure the stormwater infrastructure is effectively developed and maintained.

For communities with aging, deteriorating, and undersized stormwater systems, McClure provides guidance for stormwater system repair, rehabilitation, and replacement. Additionally, our drainage reports, master planning, and plan reviews help to proactively address stormwater issues.

SKW survey crew with truck on a pipeline survey job


Increased regulations, capital funding gaps, and modernization costs make it difficult to manage aging and deteriorating wastewater systems.Years of deferred maintenance and strain on aging wastewater systems can lead to pipe corrosion, increased inflow and infiltration (I/I), and pipe collapse and structural failure. McClure consults with clients to find cost-effective solutions for their wastewater collection and treatment challenges.

Our engineers help identify and prioritize system repairs and replacement through Sanitary Sewer System Evaluation Surveys (SSES), including manhole inspections, smoke testing, flow monitoring, and closed circuit television (CCTV) inspections. Based on the system’s evaluation, we will recommend and design solutions, including sewer lining programs, system rehabilitation or replacement, and new pump stations to ensure collection systems continue to function efficiently and effectively to serve the community.

McClure also assists communities with traditional or alternative funding sources and can help with loan or grant paperwork. Our on-call services provide communities with engineering expertise throughout the year.